hEAT ‘EM UP Chicken Tikka Wrap: a frozen microwaveable monstrosity

Eating one of these wraps is like being forced to listen to Coldplay while doing your tax return. It's not torturous, but not that pleasant

Tesco Weirdoughs

Tesco Weirdoughs look like a dog’s arsehole

First in this years festive food feast are Tesco's Turkey & Stuffing Weirdoughs. What do these crusty little sphincters taste like?

Value Sausage Sword Fight, Morrisons

Multi-Supermaket Value Sausage Sword Fight

I put 4 supermarkets value sausages to the taste test and end up vomiting after the Asda ones. Lovely.

Crosse And Blackwell Hunger Breaks The Full Monty Review

Crosse & Blackwell Hunger Breaks The Full Monty breakfast in a tin

Elton John once sung 'Saturday night's alright for fighting' but for me, Tues night's alright to try The Full Monty breakfast  in a can.

Snacksters 2 Premium Doner Kebabs Review

Snacksters Frozen Doner Kebabs: you can make them at home, while sober!

Described as "2 pitta breads filled with reformed cooked and sliced seasoned mutton with chilli sauce", who could resist that for a pound?