Iceland Hoisin Duck Christmas Trees

Iceland Hoisin Duck Christmas Trees Review

It's that special time of the year that heralds the return of Iceland's Christmas food and truly bizarre Hoisin Duck Christmas Trees.

Chicken Tikka Lasagne, Milan meets Mumbia & murder each other’s cuisine

See how Iceland take Italian and Indian cuisine and shat this fusion food monstrosity out of the corporate food pipe.

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SFC Chicken Pop Pops Review

SFC Chicken Pop Pops, scraping the barrel of fowl knock-offs

KFC sells a delicacy known as Popcorn Chicken, imagine my delight when I found a knock-off version of this snack in my local Iceland for £1.

Iceland Doner Kebab Pizza Review

Iceland Doner Kebab Pizza, a fusion food nightmare for a quid

If this was your first experience of pizza, it is liable to put you off it for life.