Lidl Musky Octopus food review

I ate a can of legendary Lidl ‘Musky’ Octopus, so you don’t have to

If you like your tinned Octopus labelled with an animal secretion adjective, this is the food review for you!

American style hot dog kit reviewed

Ambient American style hot dog kit, is this horror a B&M bargain?

B&M American style hot dog kit, it was screaming out 'buy me, try me and try not to puke'.

Hunger Breaks "Chip Shop" Chicken Curry & Rice

Hunger Breaks “chip shop” Chicken Curry and Rice, microwaveable gloop

Among the canned Prince's pies and hotdogs, this microwaveable marvel caught my eye. A chip shop style curry? It had a to be reviewed.

hEAT ‘EM UP Chicken Tikka Wrap: a frozen microwaveable monstrosity

Eating one of these wraps is like being forced to listen to Coldplay while doing your tax return. It's not torturous, but not that pleasant

I tried the UK’s cheapest supermarket hotdogs, they smelled like rancid chicken

Kingsfood hotdogs: made of 59% mechanically separated chicken & rendered pork fat residue, the smell alone made be bring up a bit of sick.