Asda Smartprice Sardines in Tomato Sauce Review

Asda Smartprice Sardines in Tomato Sauce, a fishy challenge

I spent a couple of messy minutes hacking my way into the can with an opener & a knife, my partner was asking what the disgusting smell was.

Asda Smartprice Macaroni Cheese Review

Asda vs Morrisons Value Chilli Con Carne Texas Shootout

I ate the two cheapest tinned chilli con carne available in major supermarkets, they were pretty grim.

McEnnedy American Way 2 Hot Dogs
Value Sausage Sword Fight, Morrisons

Multi-Supermaket Value Sausage Sword Fight

I put 4 supermarkets value sausages to the taste test and end up vomiting after the Asda ones. Lovely.