Ballineen cooked Irish sausages in batter review

Ballineen Irish sausages in batter, truly revolting turds in flour paste

You have to give it to Ballineen, it is quite a feat to make the sausage taste almost the same as the batter. Vile, unseasoned & industrial.

Hunger Breaks "Chip Shop" Chicken Curry & Rice

Hunger Breaks “chip shop” Chicken Curry and Rice, microwaveable gloop

Among the canned Prince's pies and hotdogs, this microwaveable marvel caught my eye. A chip shop style curry? It had a to be reviewed.

hEAT ‘EM UP Chicken Tikka Wrap: a frozen microwaveable monstrosity

Eating one of these wraps is like being forced to listen to Coldplay while doing your tax return. It's not torturous, but not that pleasant

Frozen Cheesy Chips Box

Microwaveable Frozen Cheesy Chips, a festival of carbs and fat!

After several pints of reassuringly costly french lager forget the kebab shop, you can now get microwavable cheesy chips to eat at home.

Mr Brain's Pork Faggots review

Mr Brain’s Pork Faggots, mashed up offal goodness

A faggot is traditionally made from pig's heart, liver and fatty belly meat or bacon minced together. Mr Brain's are a bit tamer.