I ate a Peperami Roll, now I’m no longer barmy about salami!

The Peperami's flavour enhanced over-the-top taste and fatty consistency, clings to your taste buds like a Tick and can't be removed.

Wall's Microwavable Sausages Box

Wall’s Microwave Sausages, bangers for the terminally lazy

So you like sausages, but just can't be arsed to grill, fry or bake one? Wall's have made the 1 minute Microwavable stodgy starchy banger!

Tulip Bacon Grill review

Tulip Bacon Grill, why eat bacon when you can eat fried luncheon meat

Tulip Bacon Grill. Can luncheon meat really replace a proper bacon rasher? Of course not, it's mechanically recovered sh*te!

Billy Bear Slicing Sausage

Billy Bear Slicing Sausage, start ’em young on the groat!

When browsing the deli counter in my local supermarket, Billy Bear Slicing Sausage stands out from the others like a turd in a punch bowl.

Tesco Value Ham and Beef Paste Review