Wall’s Microwave Sausages, bangers for the terminally lazy

So you like sausages, but just can’t be arsed to grill, fry or bake one? Never fear, Wall’s have come to your rescue by cooking them for you, covering them in loads of packaging and putting them in chilled section of your Supermarket to heat up in a Microwave. Hallelujah! A firm fan of the pork sausage, I have always considered Wall’s Sausages as Sausage Neutral on the taste scale, much as Pukka Pies are Pie Neutral. To me, Wall’s Sausages are neither good nor bad and a bit bland if I’m honest. However, how could a shite food aficionado pass off the chance to taste a Microwavable Sausage, even if they are 50p over budget.

Wall's Microwavable Sausages PackagingAfter opening the fancy perforated box, My first reaction was, they look exactly like chip shop sausages, the ones that are made out of mashed up Dalmatian and Sawdust (allegedly). Looking at the box, it was clear they were a real pork sausage as they contained 61% Pork when the legal pork sausage limit is 40%. There is no hint of added fat or connective tissue, which is a bonus or it’s hidden legally in the ingredient list.  Perhaps someone from Wall’s could enlighten me?  On their website, Wall’s proudly state that their Microwave sausages are ‘free from artificial colours and flavourings’, which is true. However, they are made pink using Cochineal, which is a ground up beetle. Perhaps these sausages look at bit too ‘Bratwurst’ for the great British Public without it.

Wall's Microwavable Sausages NukedSo what do they taste like? I unwrapped a couple and nuked them for a minute. The taste was actually blander than I remember from a standard Wall’s sausage. In fact the Morrisons and Sainsbury’s value sausages in the Value Sausage Sword Fight, both taste better than this offering that had no distinct herb or spice flavour. There was a vague porky taste and that was it. The sausage itself was as mushy as the the worst I have tried and was sticky on the palate (that must be all the potato starch). I could imagine a white bread sausage sandwich made with these being a stodgy chore to get through. At £2 a packet, these were very disappointing. If you want convenience, then you have the equivalent of a cooked value sausage in minute. If you care about taste and value, they are best avoided.


Pork (61%), Water, Rusk (Wheat), Potato Starch.
Ingredients less than 2%:
Wheat Fibre, Salt, Vegetable Protein, Dextrose, Stabilisers (E450(i) and E450(iii)), Onion Powder, Preservative (E223), Yeast Extract, Antioxidants (E300), Herb Extract, Spice Extract, Colour (Cochineal). Casings made with Pork Collagen.

Appearance: 4/10
Taste: 2/10
Value: 2/10
Overall: 8/30

Tesco Stores Ltd
Wall’s (A trading name of the Kerry Group Plc)