Microwaveable Frozen Cheesy Chips, a festival of carbs and fat!

After several pints of reassuringly costly french lager, the frozen microwavable food producers of Britain know that people love a takeaway. With that in mind, they have created a range of takeaway favourites you can enjoy, well consume sober at home, from delicious pizza to the classic doner kebab. Now these meals are joined by the kebab shop stable ‘Cheesy Chips’ thanks to the good people at ‘Prize Food’. I picked this packet up for review from my local Lidl for the bargain price of just one pound. However, I should have paid more attention to the description on the box rather than just looking at the illustration and thinking that this looks like a festival of carbs and fat I just had to try. On closer inspection, this was actually chips in cheese sauce with some red cheddar cheese on top.

Frozen Cheesy Chips CookedAfter getting the block out of the packet it all made sense, the cheese sauce is what formed the customary nukable lump. After stabbing the film with gusto, the cheesy chips went into the microwave for the first 4 minutes of nuking. You then have to peel back the film without tearing it, give it a stir, which even with the best of care breaks up the now defrosted slop, before recovering with the film and giving it another 4 minutes. As you can see from the picture, it kind of looks like melted cheese on chips, but that is just cheese sauce. Where they have been pre-cooked and browned, those chips poking out look crisp, they’re not.

Frozen Cheesy Chips Black ChipSo what does it taste like? The cheese sauce is not bad and tastes like béchamel would do with a little cheddar added. The chips are just mushy oven chips and do not really add any sort of texture. They taste like potato. The red cheddar topping is there just to add a little colour and since it only constitutes 2.5% of the overall contents, adds nothing to the flavour. On the whole, it’s not bad even though I kept find the occasional black chip.  It’s an extremely simple dish and not something you’d really eat as a complete meal, especially is you get a whopping 768 calories for your pound and 60% of your recommended daily fat intake. However, just like a takeaway, this would be an occasional treat of course. It is the kind of childishly simplistic food I could see one of those people who appear on the television series ‘Freaky Eaters’ having for ever meal… along with crisps.

Appearance: 4/10
Taste: 5/10
Value: 4/10
Overall: 13/30

Lidl UK
Prize Foods (A trading name of the Kerry Group Plc)