Mr Brain's Pork Faggots review
Written by The Human Dustbin and posted in Food, Frozen

With Christmas and the New Year done, I thought it was time to get back in the saddle and try some more shite food. For lunch today I finally tried Mr Brain’s Pork Faggots after multiple requests. Loyal readers will know that offal based meat products hold no fear for me and I was quite looking forward to sampling Mr Brain’s variety of this traditional dish. According to good ol’ Wikipedia, “A faggot is traditionally made from pig’s heart, liver and fatty belly meat or bacon minced together, with herbs added for flavouring and sometimes bread crumbs”. These ones are a little tamer, as they have left out the heart, much to my disappointment.

Mr Brain's Pork Faggots CookingAfter getting the foil container out of the packet, my first reaction was ‘I’m not going to light the oven’. Thankfully you can Microwave them. I do not own such a thing a Microwave dish, so I put the huge meaty icicle into a microwavable dish and gave it its first 4 minute nuking. As you can see from the bottom right ‘midway’ picture, things were not looking good, however, they did smell quite appetising. The aroma took me straight back to my childhood, so after stirring and putting the faggots back into the Microwave for a final 3 minutes and 1 minute cool down, I decided to phone my mother to see if I had been fed them as a child. She denied all knowledge but said I could have had them at my Grandparents. More than likely. Enough with the nostalgia, it was time to eat.

Mr Brain's Pork Faggots Om Nom NomIt says on the packaging “You asked for it! Now with more sauce”, thinking this must be pretty good, I tried the sauce/gravy first. I wasn’t disappointed. I will go as far and say it was the tastiest sauce I’ve eaten so for in this voyage of culinary discovery. The faggots themselves are like a soft meatball and have a slightly haggis like smell (which I love). They have a distinct liver and sage taste, with a hint mace and pepper. Not bad at all. By now our Bengal cat was whining at my feet expectantly. I shouted out to my partner “these are lovely!” to which she replied “well they smell f**king disgusting”. I looked down at the cat with a smug look on my face and said, “you’re not getting any of these, son” and polished off the lot.


West Country Sauce 62%: Water, Lard, Wheat Flour, Modified Maze Starch, Tomato Puree, Salt, Colour (E150c), Yeast Extract, Onion Flavour, Sugar, Herb & Spice extract.

Pork Faggots 38%: Water, Rusks, Rehydrated Pork Rinds, Pork Liver (15%), Pork (4%), Pork Fat, Wheat Flour, Salt, Sage, Spice Extract.

Appearance: 4/10
Taste: 7/10
Value: 6/10
Overall: 17/30

Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc
Kerry Group Plc
  • tahrey

    A quid? See you at Morrisons then next time I fancy a stodgy guilty treat.

  • Mr Brain

    Man I love pork faggots, although they do taste much better in the oven.

  • tourettes

    I decided to phone my mother to see if I had been fed them as a child. She denied all knowledge but said I could have had them at my Grandparents. More than likely. Enough with the nostalgia, it was time to eat.

    ROFL HaHaHA … Ya canne beat a faggot or two !! 😉

  • I love faggots, I try not to think what’s in them but they are yummy!

    Iceland always seem to have them on offer 🙂

  • John Birch

    Utterly gorgeous – with heaps of mashed potato to soak up the juice. Can be bought from butchers too – Brains’ tend to be softer than the “real thing”

  • I found your website whilst, ahem, ‘researching’ my recent blog on faggots. Glad to hear that you enjoyed them.

  • louise

    faggots are actually on offer in morrisons for 89p at the minute,my dad gave me 2faggots last week(which i froze)ive never tried them but my sis in law raves about them,im now in 2minds as to weather to eat them,the first thing that puts me off is the name and the brand,i even convinced myself they was only made out of pork and onion lol(never read the ingredients)but after your review and you saying how delish they are i may just give these a go for a snack next week with some mash(also in the freezer) great site im a big fan as you can tell from my 4 posts in the past 2hours lol.

  • Paul

    You want faggots? Try Stiles of Bromham. Never the same twice – which is part of the attraction.

    Try their fillet steak as well. You can cut it with a plastic knife, and it is out of this world.

  • jeg elske vakker norge

    Oh man I wish they sold the gravy in jars, fantastic.

  • Jon

    Faggot remind me of school dinners at primary school

  • Stu Pitt

    You want real faggots go to the toilets on Hampstead Heath after dark.

    • nowthen

      Why? will you be there. LOLZZZZZZZZ

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  • Aw man, we were a bit poor growing up and faggots were a childhood staple. They’re really not too bad at all. Mmmmm… faggots.

  • I like Faggots!

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  • jeg elske vakker norge

    wow just found out they make Mattisons sausages as well, a huge curved banger you can eat cold, or thou refrain from the idea of eating one on the go, belive me you’ll get odd looks!. they are a weekend treat with chips and a fryed egg some sweetcorn, but do not try the garlic one, made my very ill with its stale garlic taste.

  • dave

    I like faggots for a change and decided to buy Brains Frozen Faggots. No substance, small and poor. I’ll go to the butcher next time. This is really poor stuff.

  • annie b

    Ahh memories, I spent many a time with a Brain’s Faggot as a young lass.

  • Ray Bishop

    Just read your artical on Mr Brains faggots, I had some last week, expecting the taste I grew up with from childhood, what a dissapointment, nothing like the origonal recipy, a total let down, even the gravy had lost its umph, if you thought todays faggots were good, youd would be blown away by the originals…….

  • MissEricaCourt

    I am told I ate faggots once or twice as a child. My inner voice screeched AGHHH YOU HATE OFFAL (Apart from pates eheh). Then it remembered I happily requested and ate processed canned meat in various sauces too, and promptly shut up.

    I work in a supermarket, and faggots are, surprisingly, immensely popular. I have had a fair few customers buy a pack or two and ask me if I’d ever had them because they’re “wonderful”. Not sure if I’d try them again, now I know how and what they’re made from, but they’re not a dead and buried tradition in the least, and, personal preferences aside, long live the British offal-based frugality!

  • N Jones

    1 500 gm batch of minced pork (Aldi)

    About the same weight of pig’s liver, dressed then minced.

    2 slices of bread, minced.

    About 2 onions, minced.

    Half a box of stuffing, plus some sage and white pepper.

    Mix well, then roll into balls, about 100gms is perfect, 2 each.

    Place on a tin foil tray, then add a good Bisto gravy, plus a little Oxo to suit the numbers.

    20 minutes, covered, then 10- 15 minutes, uncovered.

    Serve with mushy peas and crunchy chips, or mash.

    It doesn’t get any better, as good as my auntie Ber served on Fridays in her chip- shop…….

  • Shawn Cromwell

    I first heard of these yesterday when I saw them mentioned in an Agatha Raisin novel by M. C. Beaton. I had to Google them to find out what they were, as the idea of Agatha incinerating faggots in the microwave confused me. I wouldn’t eat them myself, but they can’t be any worse than some sausages I’ve heard of.

  • AndWithSuchSimplicity

    I had some last night. With Smash and peas.
    God they were awful. I cut into them expecting something similar to a meatball, but it was like eating tasteless gravy mixed with air. Good job I did extra peas, cos the rest was like an evil school dinner. Totally vile and a waste of 98p.
    Bad night all round.

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      Forgot to mention; when I Googled “Why do Faggots taste so bad?”, there was a link to ‘What does human flesh taste of?’. The answer, apparently is pork.
      Pity the Brains faggots didn’t taste of pork.

  • suzy

    Just tried my first faggots loved them but I’m scottish and love black pudding and haggis neeps and tatties.

  • Stan

    Come to my town of Portland, Oregon where faggots can be found on every corner!

  • deathsChemist

    they’re cheap and they taste nice. i don’t care what’s in them, as long as i can have some spuds and beans with them and be satisfied for the night