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BBC Austerity George Osborne Toast Sandwich ReviewIt’s the UK’s cheapest meal according to The Royal Society of Chemistry and the churnalist at BBC who wrote this article. As you can probably guess, I’m not a great fan of the BBC. Since each of the main political parties have cottoned on to the wheeze that if they keep the beeb under permanent threat of being scrapped, they will essentially act as the current governments broadcast propaganda wing, so you get frankly insulting bullshit like that article being paid for by the license fee. Despite the articles light hearted air, it has a sinister core message which is, ‘there is no alternative to austerity measures, if you can’t afford decent food, eat a toast sandwich y’moaning peasants’. Anyone still here? Wow that was quite a rant wasn’t it! Anyway enough of that, I had to try a toast sandwich!

BBC Austerity George Osborne Toast Sandwich ConstructionAfter putting a slice of bread under the grill, I buttered two slices of bread with Flora Buttery (I wasn’t going to waste the Lurpak), ready for its err, grilled bread filling. Once the toast had gone cold, I nestled it lovingly on one of the slices of bread and butter and covered it with a generous grind of sea salt and black pepper. Slapping the other slice of bread and butter on top, I was ready to eat my George Osborne Sandwich.

BBC Austerity George Osborne Toast Sandwich BiteSo what does it taste like, apart from bread? Well, the texture is quite pleasant but confusing, for some reason my brain said I was eating a fried slice. As you take each bite, your sense of taste desperately probes for something more appealing than just salt & pepper, but in these ‘times of austerity’, you are shit out of luck. I’ll be honest though, it is more appealing than a great deal of the crap I’ve tried. A person in the article suggested you could add an egg for 8p. Then you have gypsy toast, just 8p more for a dish I regularly cook and enjoy.

Appearance: 4/10
Taste: 4/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: 15/30

Every Supermarket
10p per portion