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Iceland Meal for One Corned Beef HashBefore taking on this review, I had never tasted the dish known as ‘Corned Beef Hash’. I had tasted cold and lardy canned corned beef at my Grandparents house as a child in a sandwich, but that’s as far my Corned Beef experience went. I thought I’d better do some research before undertaking this challenge to try and ascertain how ‘real’ corned beef hash is made, the ingredients and how it looks. Some of the recipes available online range from the quite appetising, to what I can only describe as ‘dog food on a plate’. Looking at the later, I decided this was probably what the Iceland meal could compare with.

Iceland Meal for One Corned Beef Hash 'wavingOpening the box to reveal the goodness inside, it looked like cubed potatoes with a ladle of gloop splodged on top. After piercing the film lid ‘Psycho’ style, I nuked it for a full 12 minutes as per the manufacturers instructions, while making myself a cup of tea and checking out what was new on B3ta. After microwaving and peeling back the film, it looked exactly like the uncooked picture, just bubbling. I gave it a good sniff, only to find out that all I could smell was cooked onions, nothing else, just onions. This was not good. I was expecting ‘hash’. Remembering the serving suggestion on the box, I mixed it all together and slopped it on to a plate. It looked so appetising, I wish I had a sprig of parsley to nestle on the crest of hash mountain.

Iceland Meal for One Corned Beef Hash SlopSo what does it taste like? Imagine taking the diced outer tough layer of an old onion, microwaving it until its not quite soft and still chewy, then covering it with Bisto instant gravy, that you have added an extra tablespoon of corn flour to, to make it that bit more starchy. That’s what this tastes like. The beans and potato are completely overpowered by it. The Corned Beef only has a slight discernible flavour when you eat a bit on its own and then it’s more like chewy pastrami than traditional British Corned Beef. After a few spoonfuls, I gave up eating it. It’s not particularly unpleasant compared to some of the muck I’ve tried, but the onion taste was becoming overwhelming and I felt cheated out of my first Corned Beef Hash experience. I didn’t offer it to the cat after learning my lesson when it comes to onions, from the comments on the canned burgers review. I did however, grab some sparkling water from the fridge to get rid of the onion taste from my palate.

Ingredients: Water, Potato (30%), Corned Beef (12%), Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce (11%), Onions (9%), Gravy Powder, Tomato Puree.

Allergy Advice: Contains Gluten (no shit sherlock)

Appearance: 3/10
Taste: 4/10
Value: 3/10
Overall: 10/30

Iceland Foods Ltd
Iceland Foods Ltd