Snacksters 2 Southern Fried Chicken Burgers in Buns Review

Coming from the same producer of the infamous microwaveable Doner Kebabs, I just had to try these chicken burgers. Described on the box as “2 chicken burgers made with chopped and shaped chicken in a southern fried flavour coating, cooked and served in sesame seeded buns”, they had to be better than kebabs, surely?

After getting them out of the box, they looked a lot smaller than I imagined. Peering through the microwave bag, the greyish burger didn’t look that appealing. I tuned the frozen burger on its back and microwaved it for 1 minute before flipping it over and giving it another 40 seconds as per manufacturers instructions. Learning my lesson (I thought) from the microwavable Doner Kebab, I ripped off the microwave bag for the 30 seconds cool down and scolded my fingers in the process. I’m not good with this stuff.

This is what it looks like when it’s had the 30-second cool down, I peeled of the top of the bun and took a picture of the burger. I thought about adding salad and mayonnaise as per the serving suggestion, but that was a food investment I wasn’t willing to make.

So what does it taste like? I took my first bite to find that the bun was quite chewy. I came to the conclusion that this was probably my fault, so I to be fair to the manufacturer, I microwaved the second burger, keeping the microwave bag on for the 30-second cool down and this made all the difference to the bun. The burger itself, didn’t taste of anything apart from the ‘southern fried flavour coating’, which was spicy and slightly odd. Looking at the packet, the coating contains, pepper, chilli, garlic power, onion powder and aniseed?!?, but all you can really taste is pepper and lots of it. The texture is like firm tofu, not unpleasant but not like chicken at all. As soon as a swallowed my first bite, my tongue started tingling with all the pepper in the coating. This continued to get stronger and stronger with each bite to the point that when I had finished it, I drank half a pint of water to cool my tongue.

In conclusion the strength of the pepper in the coating completely ruins this burger. However, I think it is there in such large quantities for a reason and that is to stop your taste buds getting to grips with the tofu-like chicken burger. Sadly this is not as good as the microwavable Doner Kebab, if you were under the impression that this would be the lesser of both evils.

Appearance: 3/10
Taste: 3/10
Value: 3/10
Overall: 9/30

Tesco Stores Ltd
Summit Foods Limited