McEnnedy American Way 2 Hot Dogs

Before I started this endeavour, when I thought of what constituted crap food, microwaveable complete snacks were it. Developed solely for those with no interest in food beyond being fuel. Having already sampled microwaveable Doner Kebab and Chicken Burgers, when I saw these Hot dogs in my local Lidl, they were a must have. The packaging tries to look as American as Apple Pie, but these ‘McEnnedy’ hotdogs (Why don’t they just call them JFK Dogs and be done with it) are actually produced in Germany from pork sourced in the EU.

The picture above does not really give you a sense of scale of the packaging, but the box itself is good 9 inches in length, that makes 4 inch hotdogs you get out of the packet a bit of a let down. As you can see, what you actually get compared to the box illustration is just laughable. It may say ‘American Way’ on the box, but the hotdog itself and the stuff that’s put on top of it is distinctly European, with one of the topping being white cabbage (Sauerkraut). It was time to cook one of these wieners. I removed all the packaging and slapped on in the microwave and nuked it for 1m50s as per the manufacturers instructions. It was not hot enough at all, as the frankfurter was still cold, so I gave it another 30 seconds.

So what do they taste like? Microwaving bread is never a good idea in my experience, and since the instructions said to remove all the packaging, one side of the bread was dried out like stale bread and the other side was soggy. The hotdog itself was ok, similar to a Herta frankfurter. The topping elevated this hotdog from the depths of Snacksters offerings, to something that is passable to eat if you literally have nothing else. However, given how easy this would be to make from scratch, even microwaving a frankfurter, who would want to buy a frozen one?

Appearance: 3/10
Taste: 5/10
Value: 4/10
Overall: 12/30

Lidl UK GmbH
Lidl UK GmbH