SFC Chicken Pop Pops Review
Written by The Human Dustbin and posted in Chicken, Food, Iceland, Retailer

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) sells a delicacy known as Popcorn Chicken, little balls of fowl, covered in a crunchy chemical lovely coating. Now imagine my delight when I found a knock-off version of this snack in my local Iceland for the princely sum of £1. After getting the box out of the freezer, my partner and myself had a quick stab at what ‘SFC’ stood for, we came up with;

  • Sh*t Fried Chicken
  • Scunthorpe Faux Chicken
  • Stumpy Flaccid Chicken
  • Spurious Fugazi Chicken

Sadly ‘SFC’ is not an acronym but a truncation of ‘SFC Wholesale Ltd’. Our guesswork, which represents our view alone (legally), was purely that and wholly incorrect, but fun in a “solicitor’s letter baiting” way, nether the less. After getting them out of the box, they looked battered, rather than chemical lovely crumb coated like the real thing. There’s no microwaving these beauties, so they were put in a pre-heated oven at gas mark 6 for 11 minutes, just as the manufacturer intended.

As you can see they have shrunk quite a bit with only a medium heat. This maybe due to the chicken being water tumbled first to increase its weight. So what do they taste like? Marginally better than the real thing is the answer to that question, which is not exactly praise since I find the original absolutely revolting. The chicken is as tasteless as you would expect and very rubbery.

Looking at the packet it proudly states that it is 100% real chicken. What part of the chicken is used is a detail that is omitted, so it could be the parson’s nose (mud flap), or a little chewy ring piece you are consuming. Just like the real thing, SFC use a blend of herbs and spices in the coating, which for me tasted predominantly of sage. All in all, better than the original and that is about it.

Appearance: 3/10
Taste: 3/10
Value: 3/10
Overall: 9/30

Iceland Foods Ltd
SFC Wholesale Ltd